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2015 Winners

EVENT Player Name Prize Package
DOUBLE DEUCES SATELLITE FINAL 2/22/15                 Photo Gallery
1st) Joseph Fuhs (Downingtown, PA) $300 + Gear Pack and Trophy
2nd) William Nickerson (Baltimore, MD) $300 + Gear Pack and Trophy + $222 Bonus
3rd) Brian Dudley (Lansdale, PA) $300 + Gear Pack and Trophy 
4th) Fritz Barnes (Lansdale, PA) $300 + Gear Pack and Trophy 
5th) Berlina Trapp (Bethlehem, PA) $175
6th) G Scott Barber (Royersford, PA) $125
7th) Zarnosh Maneckshaw (Maple Glen, PA) $100
8th) Donna Jaloway (Maple Shade, NJ) $75
9th) Darrin Hartman (Phila, PA) $75
10th) Eduardo Garcia   (Phila, PA) $50
PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 22 FINAL  6/6/15             Photo Gallery
1st) William Repnyek (Bethlehem, PA) $1,500 and Trophy
2nd) W Wayne Smith (Holland, PA) $1,000
3rd) James Homa (Hatboro, PA) $750
4th) Donald Thompson (Fairless Hills, PA) $525
5th) Theresa Falcone (Warminster, PA) $375
6th) Rosemaria Samara (East Norriton, PA) $275
7th) Wayne Phillips (Warminster, PA) $200
8th) Dale Mattison (Phila, PA) $150
9th) Frank Magdzinski (Mt Laurel, NJ) $125
10th) George Rosenfeld (Shillington, PA) $100
1st) Jon Kagen (Haverford, PA) $600, RC Tote, BarPokerOpen Shirt, Trophy
2nd) Ann Young (Sinking Spring, PA) $350, RC Tote, BarPokerOpen Shirt
3rd) Douglas McLaughlin (Hatfield, PA) $275
4th) Wayne Phillips (Warminster, PA) $200
5th) Rodney Helfrich (Allentown, PA) $160
6th) Andrew Duncan (North Wales, PA) $120
7th) James McDonough (Levittown, PA) $100
8th) Garry Stoudt (Nazareth, PA) $80
9th) Patricia Jackomin (Phoenixville, PA) $60
10th) Margaret Breiner (Quakertown, PA) Tote Pack
Bonus) Sandra Martelli (East Norriton, PA) $250
Snowman Tag-Team Triumph 7/12/15  
1st) Joanne Thompson / Don Thompson $200
2nd) Marc Rosenstein / George Zikos $100
3rd) Jasper DiSanto / Sarah DiSanto $50
4th) Rob Bowie / Kelly Barnhart RC Tote Bags
5th) Fritz Barnes / Jamie Barnes
6th) Steve Marcus / Barb Hickman
7th) Steve Reazor / Patti Byrnes
8th) Shelly Shore / Ron Shore
9th) Aaron Boas / Lance Albright
10th) Mike Sauber / Amy Sauber
11th) Rosa Henry / Frank Magdzinski
12th) John Forte / Eduardo Garcia
Snowman Tag-Team Triumph 8/9/15  
1st) Frederick Byrd / Gerry Chemerys $200
2nd) Carol Sommer / Ronnie Friedman $100
 3rd) Shelly Shore / Ron Shore $50
 4th) Felicia Winters / Justin Cappel RC Tote Bags
 5th) Mary Stoudt / Garry Stoudt
 6th) Wayne Phillips / Aldo Barovero
7th) Denise Lake / Chris Hunt
8th) Joanne Thompson / Don Thompson
9th) Mimi Greenberg / Paul Heineman
10th) Stephen Mutascio / Ron Fenimore
11th) James Brown Jr / Scott Kueffel
12th) Chris Short / John Fitzpatrick
$1500 DeepStack Online Satellite Final -  8/23/15  
1st) Fritz Barnes (Lansdale, PA) $350 + $200 Last Man Standing Bons
2nd) Wayne Phillips (Warminster, PA) $350
3rd) Mike Crone (New Britain, PA) $350
4th) Ellen Qureshi (Warrington, PA) $100
5th) Jeff Gaynor (Creamery, PA) $75
6th) Andrew Eaton $50
7th) Joseph John Clark $25
8th) Tom Roginski RC Tote Bag
9th) David Gunther Diamond Bonus Card
10th) Steve Reazor Diamond Bonus Card 
11th) Brian Seidel Diamond Bonus Card
12th) Andrew Duncan Diamond Bonus Card
13th) Ray Goodrich Diamond Bonus Card 
14th) Frank Watkins Diamond Bonus Card
15th) Mary Stoudt Diamond Bonus Card
BIG 6 Satellite Final - 10/4/15  
1st)  Len Miller Choice of Packages
2nd) Behnam Asadpour $300
3rd) Jack Mosser $150
4th) Andrew Thomas $100
5th) Greg LeClaire $75
6th) Rosa Henry $50
7th) James Brown Jr $40
8th) Fred Hengst $30
9th) James Ascareggi RC Gear Pack (Tote/Shirt/Bonus Card)
10th) Steve Rubin RC Gear Pack (Tote/Shirt/Bonus Card)
$5,000 PCT FINAL - Season 23 - 11/8 Photo Gallery Coming Soon!
1st) George Korkus (Jeffersonville, PA) $1,500 & Trophy
2nd) John Benischeck (Richboro, PA) $1,000
3rd) Mitch Augarten (Cherry Hill, NJ) $750
4th) Jerry Moore (Phoenixville, PA) $525
5th) Steve Dixon (York, PA) $375
6th) Vickie Dixon (York, PA) $275
7th) Greg LeClaire (Phila, PA) $200
8th) Kiran Golthi (Furlong, PA) $150
9th) Mike Crone (New Britain, PA) $125
10th) Brian Seidel (Lansdale, PA) $100
1st)  Mary Stoudt (Nazareth, PA) $300.00
2nd)  Joe Sotera (Pottstown, PA) $100.00
3rd)  Lew Hertzog (Royersford, PA) $75.00
4th)  Jason Nemeth (Pottstown, PA)
5th)  Michael Sauber (Blue Bell, PA) $35.00
6th)  Andrew Milto (Towson, MD)
7th)  Steve Reazor (West Reading, PA) RC Tote Pack and Diamond Card
8th)  Joanne Thompson (Fairless Hills, PA) Diamond Card
9th)  Ashley Amoroso (Langhorne, PA) Diamond Card 
10th)  John Benischeck (Phila, PA) Diamond Card
11th)  Kathy Benischeck (Phila, PA) Diamond Card 
12th)  James Carr (Hatboro, PA) Diamond Card
13th)  Walter Matt (East Norriton, PA Diamond Card
14th)  John Argentino (Baltimore, MD) Diamond Card 
15th)  Paula Beahm (Freemansburg, PA) Diamond Card 
1st)  Sarah Kirby (King of Prussia, PA)  $100.00 BPO Prize
2nd)  Stephen Marcus (Middletown, DE)  $50.00 BPO Prize
3rd)  Nancy Wallman (Baltimore, MD)  Diamond Card
4th)  Rose Samara (East Norriton, PA)  Diamond Card
5th)  Robert Capitani (Bear, DE)  Diamond Card
6th)  Lew Hertzog (Royersford, PA)  Diamond Card
7th)  Brenda Cohen (Phila, PA)  Diamond Card
8th)  Chris Short (Conshohocken, PA)  Diamond Card
9th)  James Brown Jr (Phoenixville, PA)  Diamond Card
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