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Phase 1 of PCT Season 21 Upgrades; 8/11/2014

Aug 11

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8/11/2014 4:49 PM  RssIcon

Hello all you Riverchasers! It has been a pretty enjoyable July and start of August.  The weather hasn't been unbearable yet and we are looking forward to a great remainder of our PCT Season 21! 

As we are always listening to our players and responding to their feedback, we are excited to start Phase 1 of our 2014 league upgrades. 

1)  PLATINUM UPGRADES for specific venues. 
The first upgrade was implemented in July. 
A Platinum Venue icon next to the venue name means that this specific venue will offer at least FOUR invitations into the Riverchasers PCT Final.  Trust me when I say that this is a Final that you do NOT want to miss (more announcements about that during Phase 2 upgrades). 
Platinum Bonus: The top 2 players from their venue leaderboard at the end of the season and the top 2 players from their venue championship will qualify for the PCT Final. 
Check the schedule of events in our League Locations pages to see if your favorite venue was upgraded to Platinum!

2) TAP (Tournament Assistant Player) System
If you haven't played or heard of a 'Self-Run' game, you are about to.  Some of our venues have chosen to host the tournament on their own, without the help of a contracted RC Tournament Host.  Other venues are using their player-base to help host their tournament for them.  In many markets, it allows the Riverchasers tournament to take place as we help keep the costs down for these venues.  Originally, these were called "Self-Run" venues.  Now, we have formalized the promotion into our TAP system.  We are going to begin recognizing our TAPs just as we recognize our Tournament Hosts.  We will be looking for players to become TAPs in their local markets.  In addition to being able to participate in the game and win prizes, there are venue and RC-related incentives being offered.

We are looking for more TAPs!  The more TAPs we have, the more games we can add in your market!  Let us know if you are interested in becoming an approved-TAP!

Please read the full page regarding Tournaments Hosts and TAPs. 
You can view which venues are Host-Run or TAP-run on our League Locations pages (pages are being updated 8/11-8/13). 

Upcoming Phase 2 announcements and upgrades...
PCT Final Season 21 - possible prize pool and structure improvements.
Quickie Satellite - possible 2-month satellite promotion (Oct/Nov) with huge possible pay day!
Dealers at each table at select weekly Riverchasers venues?   Is that possible?  We're trying to find out!

Thanks for being Riverchasers!   Give us your feedback:  PlayersMatter@Riverchasers.com

All the best,

Andrew 'griff49' Griffith
Riverchasers Entertainment

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