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Las Vegas $5,000 Winners

Aug 22

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We would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the Las Vegas $5,000.00 promotion. The Las Vegas $5000.00, our second Satellite event of the year, awarded over $13,000.00 in cash and prizes to more than 100 players in the League. Due to Hurricane Irene and our concern for the safety of our players we were forced to postpone our original scheduled date and reschedule the Finals for this past Sunday, October 2nd at Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ. The finalists played for the $5,000.00 cash prize pool and we would like to say congratulations to the winners. Including the $5000.00 cash prize pool at the Final all Finalists previously won their choice of a Las Vegas Vacation Package or $70.00 cash.
Your winners are…

New Central Venues

1. Jay Berkovitz - $1,500

2. Michael Heffner- $1,000

3. Diane DMiller - $700

4. Kenneth Simcox - $500

5. Lester Sweigart- $350

6. James Brady- $275

7. Ronald Shore - $225

8. Gudrun Smith - $175

9. Terry Groft - $150

10. Michael McDemus - $125

Semi-Final Winners
Mitchell Augarten $70.00 Cash
Cathy Bailey $70.00 Cash
Gene Scott Barber $70.00 Cash
Jonathan Bratz $70.00 Cash
Sharon Brotzman-Noll $70.00 Cash
Richard Burkhart $70.00 Cash
Joshua Clung $70.00 Cash
Angel Colon $70.00 Cash
John Cooney $70.00 Cash
Jonathan Dansbury $70.00 Cash
Joel Demeter $70.00 Cash
Herbert Steven Dixon $70.00 Cash
Kimiko Donlon $70.00 Cash
Linda Dreisbach $70.00 Cash
James Fawcett $70.00 Cash
Joanne Flemming $70.00 Cash
Jeff Gaynor $70.00 Cash
Frank Goldberg $70.00 Cash
Terry Groft $70.00 Cash
Frederick W Hosier $70.00 Cash
William Hufford $70.00 Cash
Lisa Jarvis $70.00 Cash
John Klock $70.00 Cash
Robert Lenhart $70.00 Cash
Thadeaus Lesniak $70.00 Cash
Thomas Leszczynski $70.00 Cash
Matthew Lewis $70.00 Cash
Jeffery Lusen $70.00 Cash
Jeffrey Malazita $70.00 Cash
Gregory Marrone $70.00 Cash
Francis McDonald $70.00 Cash
Marcia McDowell $70.00 Cash
Tonia Miller $70.00 Cash
Mary Lynn Minnich $70.00 Cash
Thomas Myers $70.00 Cash
David Anthony Noll $70.00 Cash
Jess O'Connor $70.00 Cash
Judith Osborne $70.00 Cash
Eric Perry $70.00 Cash
Robert A. Pier $70.00 Cash
Stephen Reazor $70.00 Cash
Rosemarie Samara $70.00 Cash
Amy Sauber $70.00 Cash
William Schuch $70.00 Cash
Michael Scribner $70.00 Cash
Joel Shmukler $70.00 Cash
Ronald Shore $70.00 Cash
Kenneth Simcox $70.00 Cash
Danielle Simpson $70.00 Cash
Alan Smith $70.00 Cash
Sergey Sosnovsky $70.00 Cash
Thomas Speck $70.00 Cash
Joelle Paige Speidel $70.00 Cash
James Sweigart $70.00 Cash
Lester Sweigart $70.00 Cash
Heather Tascarella $70.00 Cash
Donald S Thompson $70.00 Cash
Justin Toto $70.00 Cash
Kim S Underwood $70.00 Cash
Joni Vandeweghe $70.00 Cash
Duane Wallace $70.00 Cash
Duane Wallace $70.00 Cash
Darin Wright $70.00 Cash
Jason Calhoun Vegas Package
Therese Dooner Vegas Package
Melissa N. Baker Vegas Package
Jay Berkovitz Vegas Package
James Brady Vegas Package
Christine Nelson Vegas Package
Zachary Brown Vegas Package
Federick Carr Vegas Package
Sebastiano Conigliaro Vegas Package
Kenneth Covington Vegas Package
Aaron Creed Vegas Package
Jeff Dean Vegas Package
Roberta Decarlo Vegas Package
Darryl Degler Vegas Package
Wanlope Demby Vegas Package
Brian Doherty Vegas Package
Brian Fredrickson Vegas Package
William Gallagher Vegas Package
John Gowder Vegas Package
Lynn Greene Vegas Package
Joseph Guerra Vegas Package
Michael Heffner Vegas Package
John Henssler Vegas Package
Lewis Hertzog Vegas Package
Glen Jaeschke Vegas Package
Connie Kliwinski Vegas Package
Cindy Kraff Vegas Package
Dave Lehmann Vegas Package
Gary Marine Vegas Package
Robert J Marosek Vegas Package
Michael McDemus Vegas Package
Diane D Miller Vegas Package
Leonard Miller Vegas Package
James Minugh Vegas Package
Robert Scandle Vegas Package
Wayne J Tohanczyn Vegas Package
Wayne JefferyTohanczyn Jr Vegas Package
Joel Shmukler Vegas Package
Robert Sholl Vegas Package
Vincent Skoff Vegas Package
Freddie Smith Vegas Package
Gudrun Smith Vegas Package
Heather Stein Vegas Package
Christopher Volksdorf Vegas Package
Willie L Williams III Vegas Package
Catherine Winder Vegas Package
Robert A. Ziemba Vegas Package
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