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Sep 4

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Effective 3rd Trimester 2012

We are excited to announce our improved PCT Trimester Qualifying rules.  We have listened to the feedback from our players and our venues and with your help we have updated the qualifying details to our final version to be implemented immedately and for all PCT promotions moving forward. 

Thanks for your help and understanding through the beginning of 2012 as we were able to test new systems to help improve the experience for you and our venues. 

UPDATE #1 - Last Chance Tournament and Last Chance qualification has been discontinued.

UPDATE #2 - There will be two ways to qualify for the Trimester PCT Semi-Finals:
1) The top 15 ranked players at each Venue are invited to that Venue's Semi-Final Tournament, and
2) Earn 100+ points league-wide and you're invited to every Semi-Final Tournament that Trimester.

UPDATE #3 - All players that have qualified to participate in a Semi-Final will be permitted.

UPDATE #4 - Both Semi-Final tournaments and Standard tournaments hosted during Semi-Final week will offer 1X PCT Points (unless specifically announced otherwise for another promotion).

UPDATE #5 - 3rd Trimester PCT 2012 Qualifying dates are 8/12/12 - 11/18/12.

UPDATE #6 - A new "Ranking Status" will determine your starting chip stack at the Semi-Final Tournament(s).  STATUS is determined after all points have been entered for the Trimester:

Status Qualification Starting Stack
ACE Ranked 1-5 at Venue 300
ROYAL Earn 100+ League Points 250
KING Ranked 6-10 at Venue 200
WILD CARD Ranked 11-15 at Venue 175

1) If you earn ROYAL status, you will start with 250 chips at each Semi-Final you play unless you earn ACE status at a specific venue, then you will start with 300 chips at that venue. 
2) Bonus chips and Status only relate to the Semi-Final tournament and not the Standard tournaments.

UPDATE #7 - NEW $1,000.00 TOURNAMENT: "Trimester Mini-Final"
A new promotion and $1,000 prize pool has been added to the league each Trimester. 
The Trimester Mini-Final will be hosted shortly after the end of the Trimester Semi-Finals. 
The upcoming 3rd Trimester Semi-Final Tournament winners will advance to both the
$10K Championship on 12/16 at Borgata as well as the $1,000 Trimester Mini-Final. 
Dates and location of 3rd Trimester Mini-Final to be announced.

Moving forward into 2013, each Trimester will have it's own $1,000.00 Mini-Final and the respective Trimester Semi-Final winners will be invited. Prizes for Trimester Mini-Final may vary by Trimester from cash, tournament buy-ins, vacation packages, or more.  Prize announcement will be made along with the date and location announcement prior to Semi-Final week.
Remember, these updates were based upon your feedback and our interest in providing you with league events and promotions that work for you, the venue, and our league at the same time.  We are trying to simplify the system as best as possible, while still rewarding the top players in our league and giving each player something to compete for each Trimester. 

Thanks for playing Riverchasers and best of luck at the tables!

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