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2009 Winners

2009 included a variety of unique Super Satellite promotional prize packages, our three Trimester Tournament of Champions, and our 2009 Venue Leader Tournament. 

The Trimester Tournament of Champions awarded over $25,000 in total prizes to our finalists throughout the year.  The 2009 Venue Leader Tournament included the top player from each of our venues in 2009 and awarded over $1000.00 in total prizes.  Lastly, our Super Satellite Tournament offered over $24,000 in total prizes to our players, including the option of playing in a $1500 WSOP event, an incredible weekend get-away vacation package to Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ which included meals, massages, travel cash, and hotel stay in a Borgata Suite. 

Overall, Riverchasers awarded over $55,000 in total cash, prizes, and tournament buy-ins to our players in 2009.

Event Name / Players Prize Package 
Venue Leader Player Names N/A $1,350.00
1t Tournament of Champions
Charles Scherer $2,500.00
1t Tournament of Champions Player Names N/A $7,000.00
2t Tournament of Champions
Thomas Bowers Sr $2,500.00
2t Tournament of Champions Total Prizes $7,000.00
3t Tournament of Champions
Brian Mayer $1,425.00
3t Tournament of Champions Jeremy Mueller $1,450.00
3t Tournament of Champions Total Prizes $7,000.00
January Super Satellite David Paone $800.00
January Super Satellite Scott Hartman $800.00
January Super Satellite Alexi Zentner $800.00
January Super Satellite Shawn Gollatz $800.00
January Super Satellite Mark Moger Sr $800.00
January Super Satellite Chuck Scherer $800.00
January Super Satellite Dale Foose $650.00
Suite Vacation Robert Raymond $900.00
Suite Vacation Jeffery Rompilla $900.00
Suite Vacation Duane Wallace $1,750.00
Suite Vacation Phil Falcone $1,050.00
Suite Vacation Chris Curtin $900.00
Suite Vacation Steven Portnoy $1,750.00
Suite Vacation Steve Reazor $900.00
Suite Vacation Kenn Burkhart $900.00
Suite Vacation Tom Miller $1,750.00
Suite Vacation Mathew Youssef $900.00
Suite Vacation Ellen Murphy $650.00
Suite Vacation Christina Bauder $1,750.00
Holiday Cash Seth Lejeune $1,400.00
Holiday Cash Jeff Benshettler $1,400.00
Holiday Cash Michael Josephson $450.00
Holiday Cash Michael Benson $800.00
Holiday Cash Richard Bebber $800.00
Holiday Cash Tim Bechtel $450.00

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