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2010 Winners

In 2010, Riverchasers awarded vacation packages, Borgata poker tournament buy-ins, WSOP tournament buy-ins, and thousands of dollars in cash through our Super Satellite promotion.  The Trimester Tournament of Champions awarded over $15,000 in cash and prizes to our members between the three championships in the year. 

Over $40,000 in total prizes were awarded to our players in 2010.

Event Name / Players Prize Package 
WSOP Stage 2 Eric Perry $345.00
WSOP Stage 2 Mabior Mabior $1,470.00
WSOP Stage 2 Stephen Reazor $545.00
WSOP Stage 2 Jeremy Stacy $945.00
WSOP Stage 2 Mitch Augarten $745.00
WSOP Stage 2 Jason Yanuzzi $750.00
WSOP Stage 2 Richard Gould $750.00
WSOP Stage 2 Terry Gibson $750.00
WSOP Stage 2 Ken Wright $750.00
WSOP Stage 2 George Dietrich $750.00
Summer Poker Open Frank Bucolo $1,400.00
Summer Poker Open Bob Dimenna $525.00
Summer Poker Open Chuck Scherer $525.00
Summer Poker Open Amy Stentzel-Jensen $700.00
Summer Poker Open Charles Gerlitzki III $700.00
Summer Poker Open Shane Thomas $350.00
Borgata Vaca Robert Scandle $900.00
Borgata Vaca Jack McClay $900.00
Borgata Vaca Jeffrey Schmuck $550.00
Borgata Vaca Randy Yeager $550.00
Borgata Vaca Bill Hufford $700.00
Borgata Vaca Melissa Baker $700.00
Borgata Vaca Selma Turner $700.00
Borgata Vaca Jie Zhang $800.00
Event Championship Stephan Lopez $550.00
Borgata Invasion George Nicholas $450.00
Borgata Invasion Tim Bechtel $450.00
Borgata Invasion Chris Short $450.00
Borgata Invasion Ellen Murphy $450.00
Borgata Invasion Ron Rauch $450.00
Borgata Invasion Harry V Jackson $275.00
Borgata Invasion James McDowell $450.00
Borgata Invasion Andrea Josephson $450.00
Borgata Invasion William McGarrity $450.00
Borgata Invasion Leonard Miller $450.00
Borgata Invasion Brent Cohen $450.00
Borgata Invasion Wayne Phillips $450.00
SEASON 11    
1t Tournament of Champions Andrew Storck $2,300.00
1t Tournament of Champions Janet Tomkins $450.00
1t Tournament of Champions The Field $1,800.00
SEASON 12    
2t Tournament of Champions Jabari Carter $2,000.00
2t Tournament of Champions Joanna Klosowska $900.00
2t Tournament of Champions The Field $3,900.00
3t Tournament of Champions Ray Goodrich $1,500.00
3t Tournament of Champions Andy Eaton $1,300.00
3t Tournament of Champions The Field $1,800.00

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