Bonus Promotions

In addition to our current prize structure, we are also offering some great bonus promotions at select League locations. Below you will find a list of all sorts of cool and unique promotions that the league has to offer. Please click the "Locations" Tab for a complete listing of all events near you.

Looking for a faster way to Earn Points into our PCT? Did you start qualifying in the middle of the current PCT period?
Play at select locations and earn DOUBLE POINTS for our current PCT Qualifying Season.  2X Points Locations and Dates are announced on our Schedule Updates page.
  Lucky 13 Mid-Season Bonus: Earn +13 Points for each WIN, or earn +5 for just being "In the Points"!
Build up your points and finish strong this season!  League-Wide during the 13th week of each Season.

We celebrate our new venues and reward our players for their support of the league. Earn 2X PCT Points at new venues in their first two weeks as well as league-wide the day before the new venue starts.

EARLY BIRD:  We recommend that all players arrive at the game prior to start time to help create a smooth running event, but now you can get rewarded for showing up early!  Earn Bonus Chips for showing up and signing in early to an event.  After signing in, player must remain at the venue to be eligible for bonus.  

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