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# First Last League
1 Anthony Kesaris Staten Island Poker
2 Philip Logos Staten Island Poker
3 Glenn Clark Down To The Felt
4 Daniel Nuñez Staten Island Poker
5 John Scaglione Staten Island Poker
6 Ronnie Ben-Aron Down To The Felt
7 Vincent Ditolla Down To The Felt
8 Thomas Monaco Down To The Felt
9 Tanya Johnson Down To The Felt
10 Dan Cushman Poker Bratz
11 Maria Negron Down To The Felt
12 Richard Germano Down To The Felt
13 Jerome Maniscalco Staten Island Poker
14 James Hemphill Down To The Felt
15 Itzik Shamailov Staten Island Poker
16 Adam Fishbein Down To The Felt
17 Stanley Kusinow Down To The Felt
18 Vincent Fiorentino Riverchasers
19 Chris Calabrese Staten Island Poker
20 Wayne Haas Riverchasers
21 Luci Ann Corcillo Staten Island Poker
22 Phyllis Geis Down To The Felt
23 Richard Geis Down To The Felt
24 Frank Chin Riverchasers
25 Steven Lau Staten Island Poker
26 Jeffrey Kaplan Riverchasers
27 Ed Gibbs Riverchasers
28 Frank  Zaitz Down To The Felt
29 Beth  Hamill Riverchasers
30 Charles Sweeney Down To The Felt
31 William Bell Riverchasers
32 Ryan Dinella Down To The Felt
33 Jennifer Dinella Down To The Felt
34 Marisela Guzman No Limit Pub Poker
35 Frank McDonald Riverchasers
36 William Schuch Riverchasers
37 Rich DeFranco Riverchasers
38 Nathaniel Cave Jr Down To The Felt
39 Ryan Plump Riverchasers
40 Garon Plump Riverchasers
41 Michelle Stoneback Riverchasers
42 Paul  Magargal Riverchasers
43 Henry  Stenson Riverchasers
44 Rose Samara Riverchasers
45 Walter Matt Riverchasers
46 Frank Higgins Down To The Felt
47 Frank Magdzinski Riverchasers
48 Michael Pitkoff Staten Island Poker
49 Ronilo Alama Premier Island Poker
50 Daniel Kerns Riverchasers
51 Jamie Naftzinger Riverchasers
52 Radion Mochan Staten Island Poker
53 Jennifer Cameron Riverchasers
54 Alan Levy Down to the felt
55 Vincent Discala Riverchasers
56 Sam Urciuoli Staten Island Poker
57 William French Staten Island Poker
58 John Jamison Riverchasers
59 Alan Baroff Riverchasers
60 Randolph Present Premier Island Poker
61 Kimberly Burkert Riverchasers
62 Christina Schiavone Staten Island Poker
63 MaryAlice D. Pleninger Riverchasers
64 Phyllis Peak Riverchasers
65 Stephen Marcus Riverchasers
66 Rochelle Shore Riverchasers
67 stephen Appel Staten Island Poker
68 Jennifer Appel Staten Island Poker
69 Ryan Seidel Down To The Felt
70 James Pasquariello Down To The Felt
71 Elaine Pasquariello Down To The Felt
72 Dale Mattison Riverchasers
73 Hazel Jacobs Suit Up Poker League
74 Jeremy Knutsen Staten Island Poker
75 Marguerite Dailey KOntenders
76 Chris McLaughlin Riverchasers
77 Mark Gorizia Staten Island Poker
78 Craig Appel Staten Island Poker
79 Alan Ciarlone Riverchasers
80 MARK HENDRIX Riverchasers
81 Mitchell Augarten Riverchasers
82 Russell Lyons Riverchasers
83 Michael Heffner Riverchasers
84 Jonathan Alvarado Down to the Felt
85 Barry Rauenzahn Riverchasers
86 Chuck Detweiler Riverchasers
87 George Zikos Riverchasers
88 Sean Mcmanus Riverchasers
89 John Mccabe Down to the Felt
90 Steve Reazor Riverchasers
91 Aaron Boas Riverchasers
92 Jason Boas Riverchasers
93 Jonathan Gancitano Staten Island Poker
94 Bernard Poulson Down to the Felt
95 Mike Biondo No Limit Pub Poker
96 Lee Morgan Riverchasers
97 Amanda Giorgio Down to the Felt
98 John Carver KOntenders
99 Jay Dimatteo Down to the Felt
100 Michael Klingerman Riverchasers
101 Justin Dunn Riverchasers
102 Jeffrey Gaynor Riverchasers
103 Eric Peres Down to the Felt
104 Katherine Duke Down to the Felt
105 Neal Lawson Riverchasers
106 Brian Brown Down to the Felt
107 Edwin Cortez Down to the Felt
108 James Bowser Riverchasers
109 Keith Rogers Down to the Felt
110 Stefano Delgado Down to the Felt
111 Richard Franck Riverchasers
112 Evelyn Ankers Riverchasers
113 Juan Canalas Down to the Felt
114 Sharon Eichin Down to the Felt
115 Matthew Logos Staten Island Poker
116 John Whisenhunt Riverchasers
117 Kathy Lacey Down to the Felt
118 Steve Smith KOntenders
119 Garry Stoudt Riverchasers
120 Mary Stoudt Riverchasers
121 Leander Toney Jr Riverchasers
122 Perry Reddig Riverchasers
123 Marvin Spruck Resort Poker League
124 Michael Thompson Poker Bratz
125 Glenn Tomy Down to the Felt
126 Nathan Thompson Poker Bratz
127 John Festino KOntenders
128 William Dixon Riverchasers
129 Stu Wilsker KOntenders
130 Tenzin Damdul New York Free Poker
131 Sherwin Titre Down to the Felt
132 Ed Newman Down to the Felt
133 John Bokelman Down to the Felt
134 Vincent Defrancesco Staten Island Poker
135 Anne Marie Kaplan Riverchasers
136 Richard Pucci Down to the Felt
137 Chantel Fattore Riverchasers
138 Louis Piotti Down to the Felt
139 Robert Smeallie Down to the Felt
140 Joseph Clark Riverchasers
141 Leonard Miller Riverchasers
142 Artur Geca Down to the Felt
143 Gina Mckeehen Riverchasers
144 William Einhorn Riverchasers
145 Amanda Schoendorf Down to the Felt
146 Romel Madduma Down to the Felt
147 Jonathan Wolf Riverchasers
148 Lawrence Angelucci Riverchasers
149 Adam Blyweiss Ollie's Poker Club
150 Justin Gallagher Down to the Felt
151 Andrew Cingolo KOntenders
152 Joe Sotera Riverchasers
153 Richard Myers Riverchasers
154 Lynne Moyle Riverchasers
155 Maria Gomez Riverchasers
156 Chelsey Peterson KOntenders
157 Olga Martinez Down to the Felt
158 Michael Briggs KOntenders
159 Maryanne Hayes Down to the Felt
160 Sal Angelucci Riverchasers
161 Robin Resnick KOntenders
162 Paul Resnick KOntenders
163 John Paoloca Riverchasers
164 G. Scott Barber Riverchasers
165 Patricia Jackomin Riverchasers
166 Barbara Hardesty Riverchasers
167 Linda Brett Riverchasers
168 Mike Stern Riverchasers
169 Jenny Barr Riverchasers
170 Joanna Ocasio Staten Island Poker
171 Jason Kehoe Down to the Felt
172 Slawomir Wyszynski Down to the Felt
173 Jason Lazarow Riverchasers
174 Patrick Ribertone Down to the Felt
175 Peter Evangelisti Riverchasers
176 Robert Oswald Riverchasers
177 Matthew Kessler Down to the Felt
178 Matthew Curty Down to the Felt
179 Mirta Urena Staten Island Poker
180 Steven Beals Staten Island Poker
181 Santa Bellino Staten Island Poker
182 Richard Steinmetz Staten Island Poker
183 Eddie Mark New York Free Poker
184 Agnes Kelly Riverchasers
185 Jose Martinez Down to the Felt
186 Michael Jones Riverchasers
187 Alex Velez-Medina Down to the Felt
188 Sarah Kirby Riverchasers
189 Tim Moulton Down to the Felt
190 Alana Miller No Limit Pub Poker
191 Charles Walker No Limit Pub Poker
192 Dakota Poppe Down to the Felt
193 Deven Cooper Riverchasers
194 Kyle Jackson Riverchasers
195 Robert Hoppel Riverchasers
196 Anthony Berrios Down to the Felt
197 Ryan Germano Down to the Felt
198 Nicole Tami Down to the Felt
199 Stephen Hughes Riverchasers
200 David Restrepo Down to the Felt
201 Michael Weinstein Staten Island Poker
202 Sharona Naftaliahu Down to the Felt
203 Andoni Leon Down to the Felt
204 Lee Wishnov Riverchasers
205 Brian Derechailo Down to the Felt
206 Jonathan Finazzo Down to the Felt
207 Paul Sleeper Kontenders
208 Damian Gibbs Down to the Felt
209 Maurice Narcis New York Free Poker
210 Robert Grosso Staten Island Poker
211 Jonathan Mangia Staten Island Poker
212 Tony Degennaro New York Free Poker
213 Mike Stenson Riverchasers
214 John Dowling Riverchasers
215 Eduard Segal Staten Island Poker
216 Donald Pasquella Riverchasers
217 Ralph Rondeau Riverchasers
218 Behnam Asadpour Riverchasers
219 Vincent Ferrara No Limit Pub Poker
220 Brian Linden Down to the Felt
221 Greg  Stefan  Riverchasers 



Players are listed by their registration number. 

Names appearing on this list have completed the Event Fee registration process and have been confirmed by their League Representative as eligible to compete. 

Please allow up to 72 hours after payment for confirmation and for your name to appear on list.

Contact with questions. 


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