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To effectively offer our product to each and every market, Riverchasers provides a variety of hosting-choices to our participating venues. 

Tournament Hosts
At select venues, a dedicated Tournament Host (TH) is provided to manage the tournament from start to finish. 
The TH is a PAID contractor who is not permitted to participate in the poker tournament.
The TH has a list of requirements for this position that take place both during and following the tournament (see below). 

As part of the reward for being a TH, Hosts are invited to play in each of our Championship events (PCT, Satellite, and Bar Poker Open).  They too are responsible for the same championship event fees related that a qualified player would have to pay. 

On our website, each TH-run event is identified by the "Host" lanyard icon next to the venue's name in our list of League Locations. 
At the venue, each TH is identified with a Riverchasers Polo and/or a HOST Lanyard.

Interested in becoming a TH?  Contact us at

TAP: Tournament Assistant Players
At select venues, a TAP is selected to help a venue host their tournament.  The TAP is not a "scheduled employee," but is more of a helpful volunteer host/player. 
The TAP may have a variety of responsibilities at each venue, which are communicated by the venue manager at each location. 
For the most part, the TAP is a Tournament Host for that event EXCEPT the TAP is permitted to play in the tournament and is eligible to win all available rewards.
Riverchasers will award a TAP from each venue an invite into each Championship event that is hosted (PCTm BPO, and Satellite). 
If the venue has multiple TAPs that assist with their tournament(s), the venue will make the decision on which TAP receives the automatic invitation to each promotion. 

Each approved TAP in the league will receive a confirmation letter from Riverchasers, a list of TAP related responsibilities, as well as a custom lanyard insert with his/her name.  Each TAP-style venue will receive a lanyard in their equipment container for us by the TAP each week. 

In the event that an approved TAP is not present at a TAP-style tournament and the venue does not have a designated employee that is available to host the tournament, ultimately the Players are responsible for hosting the tournament.  Someone will have to step up and assist the venue to ensure that the game is hosted and points are tracked properly. 

On our website, each TAP-run event is identified by a "TAP" lanyard icon.    

If you would like to become an approved TAP contact us

 ? Tournament Dealers
A new option is currently being researched by Riverchasers.  Is there a way to successfully provide dealers for each and every table at a tournament?  That's what we are trying to figure out.  We have a lot of questions though...
How does the dealer get paid?
Does the dealer play in the tournament?
What are the dealer's responsibilities?
What are the dealer's incentives?
How do we gauge a successful Dealer?
Is it cost efficient for the venues?
Will dealers help the game increase the integrity of the game and the overall quality of the event?
And more....

We may be testing out the new system soon.  We'll let you know the locations where we will be testing this and the details involved.

More on this soon!

              HOST/TAP Responsibilities and Incentives
Paid Position  
Event Setup and Sign In
Participation in Tournament  
Balance and Consolidate Tables
Manage Blind Levels
Manage Color Up
Track Tournament Results
Enter Results into Leaderboards
Manage Post-Event Data
Event Clean Up
Equipment Reset
Championship Invitations          
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