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Q.  What is Riverchasers?
A.  Riverchasers is a marketing and entertainment company providing marketing/advertising services and Poker Tournament Hosting services to Venues and a web-based Poker League reward and tracking system that offers any player to compete for Riverchasers Points and nightly prizes at participating venues in our network.

Q.  Is there any real money being bet?
  No, that is gambling and that would be illegal.  Participants play with chips only.  No side bets of any sort are allowed.  Players gambling or attempting to gamble will be immediately removed from the tournament and banned from all future Riverchasers tournaments and events.

Q.  How can I become a member? Does it cost anything?
  Membership is free and simple, just complete the registration information. Your member profile must match your state issued identification.

Q. What forms of poker do you play?
  Typically, all of our venues provide single-elimination, No-Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments. However, in rare cases a Venue may choose to offer Team Tournaments, Heads-Up Tournaments, 2nd Chance Tournaments, or more.  In the future the league may be introducing other specialty forms of poker like Limit Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Pineapple and other variations of tournament poker.  

Q.  What do Player Points and Satellite Seats get me?
A. Player points and satellite seats allow registered league members to be eligible to compete in larger Tournament Events like our Players Championship Tournament (PCT) and Satellite Tournament where members get to compete for cash prizes.

Q.  I can't play often enough to make a Players Championship Event, what else is there for me?
  Our Players Championship is only one of our prize offerings.  Each venue typically provides daily prizes (subject to state laws) to the top players in each Tournament.  Riverchasers hosts a Satellite Promotion giving players the opportunity to come out and play just one time and earn the chance to win HUGE cash prizes.

Q. What can I win?
  Riverchasers offers it members many ways to win nightly. You can win nightly prizes which are provided by each venue. You can "Earn Points" for our PCT, and you can win Satellite Seats into our Satellite Event. Our Diners Reward Program invites select members to invitational parties to thank them and reward them for their support (there are no games of chance at these parties).  These prizes add up to over $300,000 in cash and prizes throughout the league.  Our Championship events typically offer $5,000-$10,000 or more in cash.  No gimmicks! Just CASH! You spend it how you want to!

Q.  How do I find locations in my area?
The league is constantly growing.  You can find a list of all games in our “League Locations” page.

Q.  How often are the Player Rankings updated.
Player Rankings are updated instantly as soon as the Tournament Host enters the points into our database.  Typically, most results are entered within 48 hours after the tournament.

Q.  My Player Points or Satellite Seats have not been awarded? What do I do?
For any discrepancies with points or seats, please email: Be sure to include the following information: the date you played, the venue you played at, and the name of the host (if you know it). We will do our best to respond back to you immediately and resolve the situation. 

Q.  Why are there different point totals on your website?
A.  1.
  The PCT Rankings page shows the current Players Championship Tournament Player Points.
A.  2.  The Satellite Rankings show the respective Satellite Seat/Invitation totals. 
A.  3.  To find the rankings at any specific venue, use our "Venue Statistics" page.  Track your results at each venue you play compared to your fellow players.  The top players at each venue during the qualifying period earn the chance to play in the Venue Championship.
A.  4.  Additionally, special promotions are offered that qualify players based on a smaller time period of points earned.  These Player Rankings are listed in the Special Events page and information concerning those rankings can be found on the same page.

Q.  Who runs the tournaments?
To help provide our services to a variety of markets, Riverchasers provides varying levels of options to our clients (the venues).  Our Venues have the option of hiring a dedicated Tournament Host (TH)or nominating a TAP to assist with their tournament. 
A dedicated TH is a paid contractor that is hired by the venue and Riverchasers to host the tournament from start to finish.  The TH does not participate in the poker tournament and has a list of responsibilities in order to facilitate the successful hosting of a tournament each week.  The TH acts as an event manager and is responsible for all items relating to the hosting the tournament. 
A TAP is a "Tournament Assistant Player".  If the venue has chosen this option, it means that the TAP will help host the tournament from start to finish, but is not a paid contractor.  Therefore, the TAP has the option to participate in the tournament and is eligible to win nightly prizes.  Ultimately, if a venue has chosen the TAP system but does not have a TAP that is on premise to host their event, the players become responsible for hosting the tournament.  If you are familiar with how to run a poker tournament and are going to be playing at the tournament anyway, why not offer up your assistance to a venue hosting the event themselves?  We have training available for all players who would like to be trained on becoming a "TAP".  Contact to find out more.
You can view which events are Host-Run and TAP-Run by viewing the appropriate icon next to each venue's name in our list of League Locations. 

Q. Do I have to deal the cards?

Yes.  All Riverchasers tournaments are self-dealing games, which means you are required to deal when the dealer position gets to you.  The Tournament Host normally deals each final table as a courtesy to our members. 
***Research & Development***
Riverchasers is researching the benefits of having a dealer provided at each table.  In the near future, we may implement a system in which dealers may be provided for each table of participating venues. 

Q.  I played at two different locations and some things were different.  Why?

  On the whole, most Riverchasers games are hosted the same.  Sometimes a venue has specific needs and requests that may alter the standard tournament structure or policies.  The Tournament Host, TAP, or venue manager at each game will announce any deviation from the standard procedures prior to the event.

Q.  I have a question that isn't answered here.  Where do I go?
You can go to the “Forums” and post a question or you can email

Q.  How do I host an event, either at my restaurant or for a private function?
  Contact our sales department at:

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