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Diners Reward Card

We hope that everyone understands that the support of our venues through food and beverage purchases is vital to the continuation of having poker promotions at your favorite venues.  The poker events are free to play, but the venue pays for your entertainment by providing service, staff, and prizes for you to compete for and win.  To continue providing these events, the venues are interested in seeing a positive return on their investments.  We thank all our players for participating in our events and we truly appreciate your support of the venues.  With that in mind…

We are proud to announce our Diner's Reward Card (DRC). 

How it works:

Fill up your Card : Get a Reward!

At participating locations, you can request a Diners Reward Card for that venue from your Tournament Host.  Place your first name, last name, and username on the Card to begin using it.  Make a food purchase of at least $5.00 in value, pay for your bill, and provide your DRC to the service staff member. 

For each visit, you earn one stamp for each $5.00 in food spending.  You can earn up to three stamps per visit.  Guess what… you don’t have to only use the card on poker nights!  Some venues allow you to use this card any time you visit the venue.  Ask if your favorite venue will honor it on non-poker nights and if so, come back whenever, bring your card, and get your stamps!

Fill up your card with twelve stamps and on your next visit provide your ID and your DRC to your server while ordering.  Each venue will offer its own reward for a completed DRC card.  Ask a venue staff member for the discount offered. 

Once you have filled up your card, be sure to ask your host for a new card to begin the process of filling up the new card!

DRC promotion is a Venue promotion that Riverchasers is helping facilitate. 
Final decision regarding DRC promotions are made by venue staff. 
Rewards will vary by venue and are subject to change. 
Combining promotions/discounts may not be available.
  Examples of other promotions/discounts may include:
    Already discounted menu items, or
    Purchases made with gift cards/certificates. 

Thanks for the support and enjoy your rewards!
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