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No Limit Texas Hold’em is all about betting strategy, playing position, utilizing the blind levels, the current size of your stack and the size of your opponent’s stack, and knowing how to play it to your advantage. It’s about playing your opponent and the cards – each is a separate part of the strategy. This is the game. This is why we play.

At each of our games, everyone starts with 215 playing chips (a nice round number, we know... but trust us, it makes things much efficient for the venues and the tournament hosts). 

We offer additional ways to increase your starting stack for weekly tournaments. 

   Early Bird:  Any "Early Bird" to an event will receive an additional 50 playing chips.  An "Early Bird" is defined as one who is arrives and signs in 30 minutes or more prior to the start time for the event.  To be eligible, a player must remain present at the venue after signing in.  Show up early, support the venue, and have fun!

   Chip Cards:  Also, players can earn bonus playing chips by receiving a "Chip Cards" for one of many reasons.  "Chip Cards" can be valid for as few as 25 chips or as high as 100!  "Chip Cards" must be redeemed prior to starting a tournament

For those savvy in the poker tournament structures each Riverchaser starts with at least a 100 Big-Blind stack.  A tournament generally takes 3 1/2 hours to complete.  The structure is subject to change depending on promotions or at venue discretion (some venues need to close by a specific time so they will run a shortened tournament structure).

Have fun socializing with lots of other Riverchasers. 
Play Conservatively or Boldly and see how far you can make it.  It's only a game, enjoy it!

                              TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE



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